Refereeing an age-grade game is very different to a Senior game and for safeguarding reasons there are regulations to protect all children in the game to keep the game safe.

For all age grade games under 19 law variations are used and there is also Regulation 15 which details the regulations for the different age groups. It’s important for anyone involved in Age Grade Rugby to be aware of the regulations as they’re designed to support safe play and ensure that best practice is followed when children are involved in rugby. The length of game will also be determined by the age of the players, scrums should always be equal in number etc. see again Regulation 15.

To referee an age grade game you need a current DBS certificate, if you don’t have one please get in touch with our Safeguarding Officer to organise one. A DBS application form and details of what documents you need can be downloaded from on our downloads page.

There are also some common sense guidelines that should be adhered to protect the referee and any child. Please ensure you read these guidelines before attending an age grade game in any official capacity.

Common Sense Safeguarding Guidance