Many referees can go through a tough time on and off the pitch and at times may experience traumatic, emotional situations on the pitch. The Society has a referee welfare procedure for such unfortunate experiences, but also extends that support to referees who are having a difficult time in their refereeing. Be it verbal abuse or just having a tough time, we as a Society want to support you and help you work through those experiences, even if it is just a chat from a fellow referee.

Please feel free to contact any of the following people who would be only too happy to talk to you. It is important that we look out for our referees welfare and ensure that your refereeing career/journey is a happy one.

Alan Crane – 07785 244202
Bill Hobba – 07583 198549
Nick Wickham – 07766 651071
David Oliver – 07718 325242
Philip Noakes – 07767 890014

It is estimated that one in four people will experience a mental health illness each year in the UK. For these people, the pressures and strains of life and work can act as a catalyst to mental health problems, with the most common being depression and anxiety.

The links between good physical health and mental health are well recognised. Physical activity such as playing rugby can be very beneficial for mental health and wellbeing as well as bringing physical benefits.