Photo: by Jake Miles courtesy of Medway RFC

The South East Federation was set up close to twenty years ago as a means of improving the development of referees in Kent and Sussex.

The Federation shares opportunities for referees to officiate games graded at Level 6 to 8 inclusive across both counties and certain schools. Referees are selected for membership by committee agreement based on advisor reports and feedback.

The number of fixtures available fluctuates as teams are promoted or relegated. Similarly, the number of suitably qualified referees and match advisors/coaches in both counties varies as well. Federation helps to smooth out these fluctuations to ensure games get referees at the appropriate standard and qualified referees can be appointed to games suitable to their level.

The Federation is financially independent of the Societies and is self-financing, issuing invoices and paying expenses to the referee. Appointments are done by a Federation Officer, and are posted on Who’s the Ref. The Committee membership is split between the 2 counties. Sussex and Kent.

Specific queries concerning the Federation in general and refereeing, in particular, can be addressed to the following officers: