It has long been an acknowledged part of our game that the vast majority of Match Officials give voluntarily of their time and that generally speaking they do not like issuing red cards. It is recognised as one of the least attractive aspects of their role, as is completing the subsequent discipline reports.

Nevertheless, there is much to be gained from getting it right, first time. A report which is accurate, factual and detailed is likely to be accepted by the offending player and where the report contains sufficient detail regarding the incident it enables the discipline panel to deal with the matter without clarification or attendance by the referee at the hearing.

To support the accurate completion of writing discipline reports, the RFU Discipline and the RFU Match Official Development teams have produced a two-page Discipline Report Writing Guidance document to assist referees in ensuring that all relevant matters are covered. 

We are sure referees will find referring to the document helpful when completing a discipline report form. Further guidance and advice can be sought by contacting the Society Compliance Officer. (About/Committee page)

Guidance to Report Writing