Roping Off

“Roping off” is an RFU requirement. What matches have to be roped off?

  • League matches
  • Kent Cup-Plate-Shield-Vase and Salver matches

Technical area

A technical area is an RFU requirement what does this mean?

  • An area designated for coaches and players
  • Players and coaches are to remain in this area or between half way and the 10m line if no marked area
  • No players or coaches can enter the field of play unless invited to do so

Managing roping off and technical areas

  • When checking flags and post protectors check to see if there is any roping off and designated technical areas
  • If none present remind the club of the requirements
  • If no compliance the game goes ahead but report it to Bill Hobba and Alan Crane

Match confirmations

Protocol if a club/school do not confirm your game?

  • Contact them 2 days before your game
  • If the game is cancelled inform David Clent

The Man-off Rule

  • You need to replace a front row player
  • First time of asking – must provide a suitable replacement
  • Second time of asking -must provide a suitable replacement
  • Third time of asking – do not have to supply a suitable replacement