Bruce is back from his visit to Cambodia with news of the orphanage. Bruce is always thrilled when he returns from Cambodia because of the difference that is made from your generous contributions. They were able to provide over 500 Cambodian exercise books for all the kid’s education at a cost of $250, plus $400 donation for rice for the coming months. As usual, he took over clothes for all the kids plus toothbrushes, toothpaste, cuddly toys, pens and some costume jewellery for the older girls, as usual, all was appreciated.

The Orphanage is progressing well and it is expected that another 12-20 kids will be joining in July. There has been some bad weather recently with torrential rain storms which have caused damage to the roof coverings and is in need of repair.

The farm is producing great fruit and veg to keep the children healthy bananas, mangos, okra and tomatoes are in great supply. The new Fishpond is looking great with a growing stock of fish. They are always looking to help themselves.

Many fundraising events have been arranged for this wonderful orphanage and Bruce is so thankful to them all for their creative ideas in raising money. He is also very thankful to Wayne Barnes for providing a wonderful IRB Referees Shirt signed by all the European Refs for the 2017 Six Nations, this will be up for auction.

Bruce will be travelling back over in October when hopefully it will be drier. He needs help with supplying them with black and red pens, rulers, rubbers, calculators etc as well as things he can auction and of course money is always welcome which can be sent to Bruce Birchall Cambodia HSBC 40-19-04 Acct 01875175.

Bruce sends his very best wishes and thanks for your continued support.