Congratulations to Laura Pettingale on her International refereeing appointment, England U20 v France U20

Congratulations to Laura Pettingale on her International refereeing appointment this weekend, Saturday 18th March, England Women U20 v France Women U20 kicking off at 7:30 pm at Basingstoke RFC. Having already established herself as an assistant referee on many six nations fixtures, she will now have centre stage as the lady in the middle.
Laura began her refereeing career here at Kent Referees Society at the age of 17 after completing a referee course and was very quickly selected for the Society’s Development squad. Whilst studying to become a PE teacher she has worked hard over these few years to develop as a referee.  She had become a respected referee in Kent amongst many clubs before she left Maidstone for Northampton to start her teaching career. We as a Society are so proud of Laura who has shown great determination to reach this level in her refereeing.
She still keeps in touch with us at Kent Society and often pops home to visit her family. Laura’s mum, also a Kent Society referee says, ‘I am immensely proud of her, I often think back to her first game after completing her referee course, stepping out onto the field lacking in confidence but being brave enough to give it a go. On her first outing, she considered that it wasn’t for her after some unhelpful comments from an overzealous U12 coach on the touchline’. We are so glad she lifted her chin and stuck with it, we wholeheartedly congratulate her on this outstanding achievement.