Thanks to all of you who pitched in and ensured there will be no hungry kids. The mains water is working a treat, sickness has faded away. There is a great crop of bananas and mangos, so the kids are getting plenty of fruit.

We had the wonderful support of clothing again from Pencarrie and Ambition Sports – the kids are wearing your gifts in the pics. Dr Sam has been working hard and an improved play area and repairs to the access road have been made for everyone’s benefit. Plus there is a new basketball area and the gift of decent new equipment from Sports Direct.

Just so you know we (that is, Ian, Trevor, John, Alan and myself) all fund our own expenses for travel and accommodation. Every penny we get goes directly to the running costs of SF.

These are the nicest kids and deserve a break.Yan [in green] is 12 years and has been at the Farm for 2 years and wants to be an actress. Pai [in white] is 15 years, and been at the Farm for 5 years and wants to train as a nurse.

You are all stars for your support. It does not matter how small. Small to us is BIG to these kids. Keep well, enjoy the spring and I will be in touch soon. The Bank Account remains the same but this will change in the near future.

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Acc nameL B Birchall CAMBODIA.